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What is Funeral Insurance?


Funerals  are an expensive affair that are considered a privilege for many. There are several names for the  insurance, including  ‘final expense insurance’ and ‘senior life insurance’ or more blunt terms like ‘funeral insurance’ or ‘burial insurance.’

Opting for insurance is an excellent method of ensuring that you tie up all your financial loose ends before departing.

Funerals are stressful for people who love the departed soul, and adding financial burden into the mix isn’t in good faith. Hence, many people opt for funeral insurance.

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The Importance of a Funeral

Funerals are a massive event to organize and execute once a loved one departs. It is also the place where people come to say goodbye to the departed soul, forgive and forget the bad, and reminisce about the good.

People you love and care for come together to grieve for the loss while finding support and closure in people going through the same emotions.

For immediate family, the funeral is the place to say the final goodbye, surrounded by people to support them through this life-turning event.

Expenses at a Funeral

Funerals  are an expensive affair for the family. Some of the expenses at the funeral include:

  • Flowers
  • Coffin
  • Funeral Director’s Professional Fees
  • Mourning car
  • Cemetery Site
  • Death Certificate
  • Newspaper Notice
  • Cost of Funeral Service

Depending on the religion of the departed, other expenses may apply for a religion-appropriate funeral.

So, the cost of a funeral can land anywhere between $5000 and $25000. Now, depending on how extravagant you want the burial to be, choose the appropriate amount.

When it comes to spending money, even on your departing, the sky is the limit. The person who wants to take one last ride in a limousine or needs to pay airfare will need a bigger insurance plan, as these expenses will increase the cost of your funeral. Moreover, several other wishes may need extra money.

But, you can find several reasonably priced insurance  plans from trusted brands that offer appropriate insurance.

Why Choose Funeral Insurance?

Burial Insurance is ideal for people in the later stages of life. At an older age or if terminally ill, people can find it challenging to get the relevant insurances. The expenses of last rites are where funeral insurance comes into play.

The many benefits of Senior Life Insurance include:

Easily Available

Funeral insurance does not require a medical exam. Instead, you can buy the policy online or on the phone. The questionnaire will contain queries about your age. Also, in some policies, they might ask about tobacco use and if you have a severe health condition.

Other policies might not even ask one question and offer guaranteed acceptance. These policies are known as ‘guaranteed issue life insurance.’ They are designed primarily for people who do not qualify for any other type of insurance.

Reasonably Priced

Burial insurance of small amounts is available in the market. The insurer can go as low as $2000 of coverage. So, the insurance premium is low compared to other policies that offer similar benefits and more, like term life insurance.

For people who are still young, with no imminent threat to life, the other insurances can make for a better option. But, that will only become clear once you get personalized quotes and compare them with the final expense insurance.

How Much Does the Funeral Insurance Cost?

The policy doesn’t cost a lot as the premium can start as low as $50 or sometimes even less. The low monthly cost makes it an ideal choice for people struggling to pay their healthcare bills.

For many people, the low cost of burial insurance is the primary reason for selecting the policy.

Who Receives the Payment?

The insurer can choose to leave the money to a loved one, the estate, or executor for the payment of burial insurance. In case of no estate or executor, the amount will go to the person who made the funeral expenses if they have proof of payment.

How is the Payment Made?

The insurer executor or estate will receive the insurance after submitting the appropriate documents to the insurer. The process is relatively simple and easy, regardless of the company you choose for the job.

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